The meaning of the word home varies from person to person. As for myself, the word home has always been the place where I am with my family. Eight months ago I left the States for Mozambique, I believed I was leaving home. I was most saddened by the fact that I was leaving my younger siblings, nephews and nieces.

My younger siblings, nephews, and nieces taught me this: Every child has infinite amount of unconditional love to offer to the world, a ‘grown up‘ simply needs to first show a child what love really is.

Children are always giving:

When they give you annoyance and won’t leave you alone… stop and listen.

When they give you a plate of food made of mud and rocks… have a feast.

When they give you their open their arms for a hug… give them the biggest hug of their life.

Children don’t always have much to give. If one gives you any gift accept it with the upmost appreciation, because out of all the people in their world they chose to give it you.

Sobrinhos (Portuguese for Nephews) is a set of photographs of some very special people in my life right now and everyone one of them has given me the gift of love.

These are the people who make Balama my home.

(In descending order of age)


Abibo – 18


Isaac – 17


Vicente – 17


Nelsa – 16


Samuel – 16


Timamo – 15


Raqael – 15


Adriano – 15


Maria – 14


Madisse – 14


Rabia – 14


Dioclenciano – 13


Joanito – 13


Nininha – 10


Osvaldia – 10

Julieta nova

Julieta – 9


Dotiva – 8


Agnaldo – 7


Jaime – 6


Julieta – 6


Willy  – 4


Teruma – 4


Talva – 4


Taxina – 3


Xina – 3


~ by rhexperience on May 25, 2013.

7 Responses to “Sobrinhos”

  1. Ralphy your pictures are AMAZING! Beautiful faces! Take Care!

  2. What a moment to treasure!

  3. beautiful!

  4. Great stuff, R — interesting how you got the backdrop look but likely without studio lights. What did you do?

    • I use cardboard with white paper on it as reflectors. I have a mounted canon 430 exii flash. I have one reflector directly on the side of the target held 45 deg angle above their head. This one lights up the background as well as the persons side.

      I use the other reflector to light up my targets face. This one’s purpose is to light up the face. I usually had this one about 30 degrees to the side of my target at eye level.

      From there its just aiming my flash to get the lighting desired. It was a fun little project and the first time I really started working with flash/lighting. Learned a lot!

      Here’s an image of my kids helping me with the setup.

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