Crianças just wanna to have fun

My siblings have blessed me with a ton of nephews, 14 in total, I’m sure that’s where it started… my love for kids. When I was in training in Namaacha I’d walk out and all I’d hear would be “Rafael! Rafael!” from all the crianças. I thought that was going to die off once I moved to my actual site where I’d meet kids who have never met a “white person” before.

A few jogging/hiking trips, playing soccer with a ball made of plastic bags, and getting completely drenched while helping some of the kids cart water, I’ve learned that it’s the same everywhere.

Whether it’d be my spoiled nephews in the states, my host little brothers/sisters and their friends in Namaacha, or my kids here in Balama, one thing is certain…

Crianças just wanna to have fun. 

IMG_8253 IMG_8277 IMG_8287 IMG_8327 IMG_8342 IMG_8531 IMG_8320 IMG_8490 IMG_8367 IMG_8373 IMG_8652 IMG_8643 IMG_8609


~ by rhexperience on January 23, 2013.

3 Responses to “Crianças just wanna to have fun”

  1. Wonderful photographs!

  2. Amazing pictures and experiences!

  3. Great album – especially of the little girl in the rain!

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