This is Moz 19

So ten weeks have gone by and I have met some of the most amazing people here; from current Peace Corps Volunteers, fellow Peace Corps trainees, language and culture professors, and Mozambicans in my community.

We swore in as Peace Corps Volunteers on December 4th. Now everybody is at their site (except Vikram and myself) and beginning our new journey as educators of Mozambique.

Many people have asked me to make a post of the Peace Corps Moz 19 group… a truly amazing group of people. The people in these photos are my new family, my new best friends, and the only people who will fully understand my frustrations and my accomplishments within the next two years.

Best of luck to everyone!

(photos are in random order)

IMG_5282 IMG_6550 IMG_6543 IMG_6568 IMG_6614 IMG_6646 IMG_6676 IMG_6714 IMG_7549 IMG_7600 IMG_7563 IMG_7594 IMG_7767 IMG_7837 IMG_7925 IMG_7933 IMG_7935 IMG_7952 IMG_7990 IMG_8005 IMG_8038 IMG_8148 IMG_8155 IMG_8185 IMG_8186 IMG_6535 IMG_6525 IMG_6519 IMG_6487 IMG_6480 IMG_6450 IMG_6445 IMG_6427 IMG_6412 IMG_6406 IMG_6336 IMG_6312 IMG_6288 IMG_6286 IMG_6277 IMG_6267 IMG_6265 IMG_6260 IMG_6259 IMG_6245 IMG_6228 IMG_6060 IMG_6054 IMG_6044 IMG_6031 IMG_6018 IMG_6014 IMG_5969 IMG_5951 IMG_5892 IMG_5723 IMG_5700 IMG_5157 IMG_5154 IMG_5148 IMG_5068 IMG_5067 IMG_5065 IMG_5283


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  1. Great pictures….Thanks for sharing your experiences. It keeps us connected! Blessings.

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    From my friend Rafael’s blog.

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