My main goal while being here in Namaacha was to integrate myself into my community. What exactly is integration though? Integration for a “mulungu” (white person in the local language) is a little difficult. Immediately when somebody sees you, they notice you are different.

Integration for me is…

  • Spending afternoons ‘ descascando amendoim’ (cracking peanuts) with my Mãe (mom) talking about her family history.
  • Talking to Mano (brother) Mundinho about HIV/AIDS and why we believe the HIV rates in Namaacha are so high (~40% of people in our town have HIV)
  • Spending late nights cooking or cleaning with my sister, talking about how she misses her mom who died not too long ago from being ‘doente’ (sick)
  • Learning about the fisherman’s life and how he’s been coming out to fish every weekend since he’s been a kid.
  • Hanging out with the artist who builds toy sail boats struggles to make due for doing what he loves.
  • Making a piscina (pool) out of matope (mud) with the neighborhood kids.
  • Hanging out with kids I met on one of my hikes and playing roll the rim with a stick.
  • Learning the local language Changana.
  • Using the local language at Shoprite (the local market, similar to a pulga/flee market)
  • Assisting in preparing food for a wedding with all of the neighborhood moms

I only have a couple of weeks left here in Namaacha, my time here has been great and I can only guess it’s going to get better these next two weeks.

Once I get to my new site, Balama, Cabo Delgado, I’ll have to restart this whole process; find new neighbors to descascar amendoim, learn the local language Makwa… etc.

Moçambique, I am extremely appreciative of you for  you have opened up my eyes.







~ by rhexperience on November 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Integração”

  1. Awesome pictures!

  2. This is incredible!
    I love your description of integration… true integration.
    Your photos display the emotion vividly of what you speak of.
    Good job!

  3. This post gives huge insight into the every day life of Mozambicans, well done!

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