Stache in Nash

As I sit here waiting for my ride to take me to the airport I figured I had some extra time to post something.

I made my last trip before leaving to Moz this week. I came to visit my sister in Tennessee and dang did I have a great time. One of my sister’s good friends was getting married, one of my nephews had a soccer game, and the other had a football game.  Family, friends, food, and drinks equals a surrealistic reality if combined all at once.

These kids, just like all of my other nephews and little sisters are awesome. Yesterday we went to Dave and Busters and just walked around being goofs and wearing our mustaches everywhere (I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll grow the ‘stache while in Moz). I had to say my first goodbyes this morning before they headed out to school…. and I think I just hit me. I have one more week left in the States, before I’m gone for over 2 years. I need to start packing, I need to see a couple friends, I need to eat more, I need to enjoy the local beer… I need to take everything in and soak it in.

Here a few shots from this weekend.

Enjoy 🙂





~ by rhexperience on September 17, 2012.

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