A current Peace Corps volunteer said this

Put down your packing list, welcome book and Portuguese phrase book.
Enjoy your time with your family and friends.
Drink good draft beer.
Eat wonderful, greasy, terrible for you American food.

This summer has been an absolute blast! I met tons of great new people, spent tons of time with my family, ate a lot of food and I also drank good beer while eating great food with awesome people.. I feel like I’ve been doing everything but preparing to leave to Mozambique.

I’m not stressed about packing (yet) or learning the language ( I’m banking on my Spanish to help me out learning Portuguese). I’m putting everything off as long as possible to enjoy every moment before my departure. I call it “planned procrastination”.

procrastination: to put off or postpone needlessly

planned procrastination: to put off or postpone in an organized manner

I have one more trip coming up this week to continue my eating and drinking festivities with some great great people. All this fun almost makes it seem as if I’m not really going anywhere…. Yeah I know I’m leaving in a couple weeks but it still doesn’t feel real. I’m still waiting for the “Shit just got real!” moment.

Maybe all this will come bite me in the butt and realized I forgot all of my chonis (undies) at home… but even then that’s just and extra breeze I get!

Just some random thoughts after sitting talking with my sister-in-law.

Sleep tonight fish all day tomorrow. Such a rough life.


A shot from my birthday… because it’s not a birthday until your face is slammed into the cake


~ by rhexperience on September 10, 2012.

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