Soon is today

–“Knowing I’ll never miss another of her life… that’s the best feeling.”

I met Genaro while waiting in Salt Lake City for my flight to Pasco, the same flight he was waiting for. Sitting next to him I noticed he had a few photos he kept shuffling through, always stopping on a photo of a little girl climbing out of the washer. After we introduce each other he shows me the photo of the little girl.

“This is my six year old daughter, Maritsa…. I’ve been away from her for over a year.” You can see and hear the  pain, nervousness, and excitement as he tells me about the last days they were together. “I’ve been absent for a birthday and a Christmas… only being able to listen to the unwrapping of presents over the phone.”

Genaro, raised in the US, has spent the past year in Mexico waiting… Waiting for a visa to return back to his family. “Every conversation with her ends with her asking when I’m coming home, when will she see me again. Not knowing when I’ll return, when I’ll see her beautiful face breaks my heart every time, all I can say is ‘soon’ ”

After receiving his visa acceptance letter he booked the quickest flight home.”Soon is today this time. We’ll always be together. Knowing I’ll never miss another day of her life… that’s the best feeling.”





~ by rhexperience on August 12, 2012.

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