Peace Corps Timeline

Late October: Started looking at application

November: Met with recruiter and discussed possible positions with my background

December 15: Submitted Application

January 2: Last letter of recommendation was received.

January 5: Scheduled interview

January 11: Interview

January 20: Nominated for Secondary Math Teacher in Sub-Saharan Africa With Tentative Departure Date Late September

January 27: PC mailed the medical packet

February 3: Received Medical packet

February 20: Mailed my medical/dental to PC

February 29: PC Received my Medical/Dental

March 28:Cleared dental, need to resubmit urine analysis to clear medical (other than that everything was cleared)

April 10: Submitted new UA to nurse and she cleared me. All medical and dental is clear!

April 11: Peace Corps notified me I passed medical. Now I just sit and wait for the placement officer to contact me.

May 3: Received an email asking to submit my resume for final review.

May 31: Placement office contacted me to answer a bunch of questions prior to giving me my final placement.

June 8: Received an email from placement office letting me know I’ve been invited into the Peace Corps. Now I just wait for the package letting me know when and where I’ll be going.

June 15: Received and accepted the official invitation! Mozambique bound on the 27th of September!!!


~ by rhexperience on June 16, 2012.

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